Designing jewellery is an integral part of Divvya’s nature. Born with the talent for creativity, Divvya pursued her studies in jewellery design to perfect her innate skills. Her natural flair for designing was enhanced and formalized as she studied at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America ( G.I.A.) Santa Monica, USA. She completed the courses in jewellery design, bench techniques and grading of stones.

After successfully qualifying as a jewellery designer in 1993, she opened a jewellery store named J 21 ( Jewels for the 21st century) in New Delhi, India. She held a jewellery fashion show in 1995 that created ripples in the social circles. From then on, she has grown from strength to strength. She regularly holds exhibitions in India as well as abroad. In India, she frequents Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore with her collections that are most awaited by her customers who patronize her creations. Besides India, she has exhibitions in Dubai, London and New York. Divvya likes to keep abreast with the latest international trends and techniques and makes it a point to attend the world famous jewellery shows at Basel and Las Vegas.

Her clientele ranges from the trendy youth to the elegant elite. She designs for the person, keeping in mind the personality and look of the wearer. Her jewellery complements as well as compliments the wearer, and yet it stands part. Divvya’s designs encompass every occasion from a wedding to a dinner or a cocktail or to simply everyday jewellery. She bejewels everyone from a bride to a lady of mature years.

Having studied stones in depth, the centre of attraction in her jewellery remains the stones. Just like every story revolves around a character, her pieces revolve around the stones. To enhance the beauty and sparkle of the stones is her brilliant creativity where stringing and setting are concerned. Each piece stands out and tells a tale of its own.

Divvya designs for every budget, from the brilliant diamonds to the colorful semi precious stones, and the metals range from platinum, to gold to sterling silver.

Every woman has the inherent right to look beautiful. Divvya helps you to achieve that with her fabulous creations.

DELHI MID DAY,Tuesday,March 4th, 2003.
“Gems are Forever”, by Divvya.

DECCAN HERALD, Thursday,Sept 30th, 2004.
“When stones speak volumes”,
A stone would have been just a stone had Divvya not carved it in a piece of jewellery.

“Jewels Dazzle”, by Divvya,

DECCAN HERALD, February 10th,2005.
“Earrings in 101 hues”, by Divvya.